I am a historian and urban studies scholar. My research interests include the Balkans, Ottoman and Habsburg Empires, capitalism, Marxist theory and history, and visual methods. I am interested in history as an emancipatory practice.

My present research project, Empires on the Danube, examines the role of imperial histories in the making of contemporary urban space, looking at a number of cities formerly associated with the Habsburg Empire in one way or another.

I am also completing Cities of Dust and Mud, a book project based on my doctoral dissertation which explores the post-Ottoman urban transformation of two Balkan capitals, Belgrade and Sofia.

I am interested in free software as a practice of communization. Its also a neat way to fight against planned obsolescence. You can find my public repositories on my Gitea instance.

loshmi is common way to say my first name in šatrovački, a form of urban slang in my mother tongue.