Miloš Jovanović

A man faces the camera. The wind blows in his hair. He is wearing glasses, a scarf, and a green coat. In the blurry background are a number of street trees. I am a historian and urban studies scholar. My research interests include the Balkans, Ottoman and Habsburg Empires, capitalism, Marxist theory and history, and visual methods. I am interested in history as an emancipatory practice.

My present research project, Empires on the Danube, examines the role of imperial histories in the making of contemporary urban space, looking at a number of cities formerly associated with the Habsburg Empire in one way or another.

I am also completing Cities of Dust and Mud, a book project based on my doctoral dissertation which explores the post-Ottoman urban transformation of two Balkan capitals, Belgrade and Sofia.

You can find my posts about the Balkans, urban studies, software and communism on Mastodon. I'm also interested in free software as a practice of communization. Feel free to check out the public repositories on my Gitea instance.